Twin Flame Q&A

Why does my twin flame trigger me?

Triggers are from the journey itself where your ego (where fear & anger resides) is challenged to resolve what you avoid. Facing anything or anyone that sets off triggers is part of the spiritual growth process

Do twin flames come together?

If it is part of the divine assignment in their lifetime, then yes, twin flames do come together.

How do you know your twin flame is thinking of you?

As you grow spiritually, you will start to see stronger signs in dream state, the 3D world synchronicities, & through your own unique gifts (some twins develop different intuitive gifts).

What does a twin flame union mean? And how does it look like?

A twin flame union means you have a heart connection with another person. This heart connection looks like a regular relationship with intensity to it. This intensity can come through synchronizations,the ease of the ebb and flow between you two as well as how you push each other to be better people individually.

What is the twin flame connection like after the union?

The twin flame connection is always evolving and growing. Once you are in union with your twin, you will be at a point in your spiritual evolution where you receive divine instructions on your mission and life course together. This is a unique area for each twin flame. The main point is that the connection is always evolving and growing. Consistency in self love is key.

Why is this connection so intense?

The reason this connection is so intense is because you share the same energy frequency. It’s as if you have an extension to your body and while you cannot see that part of your body, you can certainly feel it because it is a part of you.

What’s the purpose of twin flame union?

Simply put, The purpose of a twin flame union is to fulfill a divine assignment that the couple has agreed to before they were born. Irrespective of the circumstances and lifestyles of the twin flame couple, the core purpose of their divine mission is to spread divine love in the world by way of example in their lifestyle, as well as what they exude to those around them (how they treat people because the world needs more divine love).

How do you let your twin flame know you love them when you are in separation?

The fastest and easiest way to let your twin flame know how much you love them while in separation and that you love them at all is by loving yourself. In loving yourself, it transmutes to them from the higher realms and they start to mirror you even when they’re living in  completely different circumstances. When you look closely, you will see the mirroring effect.

Do both twin flames know?

There are instances where 1, both, or neither twin knows of what some consider an inexplicable connection. So, not always.

Can a twin flame connection be broken?

A true twin flame cannot be broken.

How do I differentiate between a false twin and a true soul connection?

As you grow in self love, your self awareness grows also. And just as you know in your gut when something is “right” – you’ll definitely know when something is “off” or “wrong.”

Should I date other people if my twin isn't ready?

With all decisions in life, this is completely up to you as an individual. Always make decisions in favor of your goals. If union is your goal, then see how dating others its in to that equation. It works for some. For others, they can’t date others because it bothers them. Do all things for & in love.

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