Welcome to Awakened Soul 1111

An awakened soul has no reason to search for love. Rather, they recognize love that crosses their path, and that is when their love is rekindled by de ja vu of a past experience.

Feel free to navigate through our website to gain more perspective and support for the experience of the awakening process of the soul.

We are a group of Lightworkers, Starseeds, and Twin Flames, who can help you gain momentum in understanding the process of the Awakening Soul.

At times, it can create waves of confusion, uncertainty, and doubt. We are here to assist you in your journey of learning to ride the storm and allowing your light to shine within.

At we have committed ourselves and built a spiritual community around the globe that has reached millions of enlightened individuals.

There is a higher consciousness and reason for our being, and our lives on Planet Earth. We are on a mission to evolve on a higher consciousness and frequency, and be an active gear in the larger picture to unify the body, soul, and mind.

We welcome you as you join forces and take part of the awakening movement in which we play a role.