Intense is the new Normal – Twin Flames

By Minu Shyaam

Intense is the new Normal

June-Oct is intense planetary placements. Spiritual energies are transformative. These have impact on every being and hence on Twin Souls destiny fulfillment as well.

Every twin soul meets his/her destiny of reunion with his/her Godmate. Currently this energies are beginning to get intense.
Karma makes our lives intense. Each of the twin souls triggers our respective karmic baggage from past and replays it to feel it and release it in the now. We may project it onto our twin thinking they are sourcing this pain, but the truth is they are merely triggering the unresolved past karma and  mirroring it only to be felt&released this time for good. The emotional debris remains in our system over years without being cleansed, we owe ourselves the release of the stubborn emotions, only our Twin helps the release. They mirror hidden places within us. Look at them as our spiritual healers. The work is intense. It can’t be romanticized. However the romance is deep and eternal between the 2 souls as their source being One.

Expect intense energy exchanges directly or indirectly between the 2 twins from June-Sep.
2020 is a Twin Reunion Year.
It’s destined. It’s written in the Stars. Just do the work needed to cleanse and align.

Once the triggers and work is done,
The karma disappears.
There’s no unpleasant feeling lingering any longer and one wonders how come we don’t remember the triggers,
But the purpose is met,
The person remains eternal.

Eg. If my divine masculine reflects a certain hurt, blames me for a certain hurt, or accepts his mistake for a certain hurt, it’s all to do with recalling the pending work from the past and reopening the emotional debris wounds and final dress for healing and letting go forever… the work is done… we know it deep within that there’s no further triggers that work when our twin calls… that’s when we realize all triggers are solved… the unrest leaves us forever, the spiritual work is done…

Now enjoy the bliss of reunion…

Once reunion occurs, then comes fresh Spiritual assignments to test our spiritual solidarity and maturity.

So long as there’s life
Spirit is always at Exemplary work.

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