Twin Flame spiritual prescriptions for coronavirus

I am not a medical professional or an expert. I leave the serious information in those important fields for the professionals who have the appropriate training to help us get through the coronavirus.

As a spiritual advisor, I can try to humbly prescribe ethical vaccines that can remedy jilted nerves and worried minds. My words are meant to heal and inspire spiritually. To help you cope with the uncertain reality that has rapidly spread throughout the world. The coronavirus is not only a disease of the body, but also presents an existential crisis that has put governments, businesses and, most important, communities and individuals on edge.
It is an awakening from god to show us that we are all ONE and connected, if someone is doing something anywhere it has an affect on all of us, so we have to constantly raise the vibration of the universe.
Being thankful raises your vibration so quickly because it is a form of love. There is always something to be grateful for and once you start naming all of those things in your life, you keep thinking of more, this is a very powerful healer. Laughter lowers your blood pressure, improves cardiac health and releases endorphins.

I hope and pray that this brings back your twin flame to your life, as you get to see what’s really important, we are no doubt living in crazy unpredictable times and we should love each other more, make that phone call write that email, reach out to the love of your life, the one that means everything to you.
What you give to yourself, by the unity principle, you give to the world.

Trust! Even if you cant see HOW, everything happening now is for your highest good.
ברוך הגבר אשר יבטח בה’ והיה ה’ מבטחו

Jeremiah 17:7-9 Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.

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