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Falling in love is scary as hell, it flips everything upside down, you have been out on the sunshine

your entire life, but in reality you have been in the dark. And then your twin flame opens up your eyes

and you go ‘is that how exciting life was supposed to be?’ Is it exciting? heck yes but it’s still crazy changes

and you gotta be ready for the warm feelings and amazing energy that comes in to your life,

because your twin is tapping into your energy completely and all of a sudden you feel so vulnerable

and an open book, in the past you would shut these vulnerabilities and try to be ‘strong’ if they ever came up.

True love is the most beautiful thing but it’s still something new to you and it takes trust and letting go

to accept the immense amount of love pouring in from every direction without control,

all of a sudden you feel ONE with God/cosmos/nature/animals and humanity.


Go outside look up at the stars, see in the distance a star that stands out among the rest,

as you approach realize that’s the star of your twin flame,

the feeling of coming home is now overwhelming, as is the unconditional love,

put your hand on your heart and name that star with your twin flame’s name,

and connect to them through the star feel the love accept it all and manifest it on earth,

and feel your twin flame brighten up your life from above and change it forever.

With a twin flame you will discover something more, than just love or attraction,

every time you hug that person, you will feel like if you’re ‘melting together into one’,

also your breaths and heartbeats will naturally synchronise.

When your twin flame is around, you will feel ‘whole’,

happier and stronger that you’ve ever felt in your life.

  • Brianreoge
    Posted at 21:18h, 03 April Reply

    Sustain the exceptional work !! Lovin’ it!

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    Posted at 15:40h, 23 April Reply

    Sustain the good job and generating the group!

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