As if Twin Flame Reunion has occurred

By Minu Shyaam


There will be several challenges and contrasts that happen enroute our way to Twin Reunion…

Wear a positive attitude like God’s armour on this path…
Attitude be like: Reunion has already occurred.

Assume God’s assurance.

Assume it is done.

Dissolve all self-doubts and ignore our twin’s rejection as a sign…

Our twin will never be ready to reunite because he/she is projecting our fear of a No not now…

How do we get there?
To the point where Divine Timing of Reunion is in the Now….

Faith it till U make it.
Keep an attitude: Reunion is done.

How would your confidence be if Reunion is tomorrow?
You would be excited and so reassured about all the feelings that you have had till date being validated finally. All the selfdoubts now put to rest.

Reunion happens as a natural phenomenon as sunrise, suchlike…
A fruit falls off a tree once heavier after ripe…
Rainfall after enough cloud collection…

So live as if Reunion is scheduled tomorrow.
Stay Reassured.
Feel calm and collected.
Deeply satisfied abt this relationship.
There may still be zillion issues between the 2 to sort,
Yet sort it united..

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