Twin Flame Divine Timing – Space to Receive

Minu Shyaam

There comes a time when all is done from our end, nothing more left to feel and do to make this reunion happen between us.
That’s when I surrender and leave this unto completion for the Universal forces to bring it into fruition purely by Faith.

There is a complete chance Reunion May or May Not Happen this time…

What determines Reunion is Divine Timing…

What’s in my control?
To be.

How can I be such that I receive what is meant for me as my birthright?

Just be my authentic self.

Nature always overrules.
Rains happen only when the last bit of cloud joins in to become heavy enough to pour. That’s Divine Timing of Nature.
Coming together of all natural elements of life to form the action in that moment, making it an occurrence.

Reunion happens when we give it some empty Space to occur.

Just let go and be, thoughtless for a while.

Give it some space to receive the occurrence.

It is a challenge for us twin souls give it some space to receive especially when we have each other constantly on our minds.

That’s why Nature asks us to get mature there.

Trust in Nature to overrule us and let go and just be our authentic version and give it some space to occur.
It may or it may not occur.
Be OK with either outcomes equally fine.

We are complete in ourselves.
We have a life assigned for us.
A calling / a purpose for each of us. Continue attending to that with full joy and energy.
Whatever needs to happen will happen in time anyway.

Giving it some space thoughtlessly helps for it to enter into the state of beingness.

Like birth of a child.
We are constantly carrying the child not just in our body but also in our heart and mind whilst pregnant and there comes a time of birth… it occurs… timing is when we submit/surrender to Nature to overrule us… the mother is completely famished and exhausted and surrenders for nature to overrule and overtake the birthing… the last push and leave it to come out by itself…

There’s no thought in that moment…

Just awe.. just be… give it that honorable space it deserve to occur…

The sacred space…

Space to receive❤


By guest writer Minu Shyaam

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