Twin Flame I Love You With Every Atom Molecule In My Body

I have come to realize that no amount of time or distance will make my love go away. It will not change that our hearts beat in synchronicity. No experience will make us forget what we are and where we really belong.

We are after the phase of deleting emails pictures and conversations we have tried it all, we simply can’t erase
what our 100 billion neurons feel for each other, we just go way back before we have even met physically here on earth.

My atoms love your atoms.
It’s no secret that I love you with every atom molecule in my body, our hearts our entangled forever and beyond.

It doesn’t matter how much my logic mind will try to understand it it simply can’t grasp it.

On this day I got no complaints, i’m grateful and thankful to God for this beautiful true divine love experience here on earth, what a blessing to feel so deep and experience divinity on every level.

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