Twin Flame Divine Union – The Object Is Much Closer than It Looks Like

Twin Flame unions are very rare, but they are out of this world sweet. After all the turmoil that happens in the early stages of a twin flame union, the two energies ultimately merge together as one. This process is wonderful and an amazing thing to experience. So, if you are currently going through tough times, trust me, things will finally turn for the better.
This happens in the final two stages of a twin flame divine union.
These stages are the sweet surrender and the union. The surrender stage happens when you have come to realize that this relationship is only here to serve you grow. That is, to eliminate the old limiting beliefs and embrace your true values. It is time to surrender to what is and label it as something positive. This state prepares you for the final divine union. This will help crystallize all that you’ve learnt and create all that you desire from now on.
Becoming one is the ultimate goal of a twin flame relationship. At this point you’re ready to work together for the greater good of the human consciousness, not just your own personal benefit. You’re now ready to flow your wisdom and unconditional love into the world together with your twin flame. This moment is divine, not just for the two of you, but also for everyone around you and the entire humanity.
This is your life’s purpose, as a twin flame.
You are here to bring your true light into the world and assist human kind into ascension. You are the chosen one, for your light, for your truth and wisdom. This is such a blessing!
Yes, indeed, your twin flame union is much closer than you think, and it is only up to you to reap what you have sewn. You’ve come such a long way and the whole universe is really proud of you. Enjoy the sweet fruits of your twin flame union!

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