The Twin Flame Connection

Twin Flame Blog postTwin flame has to do with the consciousness of the feeling of being whole when one meets his or her significant other. That instant click of connection is something somewhat of love at first sight, but slightly different. This intense feeling of instant attraction comes after the initial separation of the soul into two parts. One part of the soul settles into one physical body, and another into the physical body of ones future partner that would be met later.
There is only one twin flame that exists for each individual, that is, one soul is split into two halves. This is for both parts of the same soul put in different physical bodies to gain experience of the world before they eventually meet by fate. When the two equal halves of the same soul finally meet there is an instant bonding and connection established.
The connection that is established when one comes in contact with ones twin flame is not physical, but rather a spiritual one. Two individuals sharing a twin flame is an indication of them being a reflection (mirror) of one another. This is why they are able to share in each other’s pains, struggles, joy and happiness together.
The spiritual side of the attraction of twin flame relations leads to the powerful and intense experience of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual connection. This higher level of connection that the shared intense passion gives the partners allows for evolvement. The partners go through series of struggles and stick to each other throughout trying times. Their bonding allows them to be able to improve on themselves to better who they are.

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